statrep 18+, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you

So, I’m getting fucking married in a week or two.
And as a fucking genius as I am, I decided to make a fucking photobooth so all the fucking people can take pictures of themselves in their fucking suits and dresses. Because hiring someone to take the fucking pictures is too fucking easy. And also fucking expensive.
And this turned to be a fucking awesome idea, except for I didn’t have a fucking idea how to do it. So read stuff and spent a shitload of money to buy a new raspberry pi, a touchscreen, a camera, a keyboard twice the size of the screen (it is the screen that is small, not keyboard is oversized) and three fucking micro sd cards, 16 GB each. The SD cards are unnecessary, but whynot. And for days I really felt like a fucking genius for spending all that money for fucking nothing, as I was unable to install the fucking python modules on the fucking raspberry to even fucking start the development. Early adopters always have it fucking hard, I tell you.
But now I’m sitting at my computer, I’m really fucking happy for being able to put the fucking camera picture on the screen using just three funcking lines of code because python is fucking awesome, so I’m quite sure all the people coming to my wedding will be like fuck yeah!