nine months have passed

and not a single blogpost was given. So what’s up.
We moved a few months ago and have our wedding next month. No kids yet.

Job is OK. My software is getting better each day, I’m working on version 2 now. Will be awesome, as python is awesome (btw. I’m getting officially educated in Python via and MITx).

Other than these…
As of march this year, I have no debts. Phew.
I’m constantly over 77 kg now and really have to push myself to excercise. My bart is greyish and I’m getting balder every day. In short I’m old and fat (not!).
I’m getting better at the bavarian language. That is, understanding, not speaking it.

A rather silly (stupid? chindish? dumb?) project is the JY-hunting project to find and record all licence plates with the same literals but different numbers as mine. There are 999 numbers, I’m number 629. I’m over 100 plates now, as of 8th September. You can drive anyone crazy with this: I’m the guy who collects licence number plates.

And that is probably all of it for today, hopefully not for the next year.